My name is Salman Whittaker and this is my tneth year as a primary school teacher. I am passionate about developing my knowledge of teaching and creating resources that inspire teachers and deepen children’s understanding of Maths.

As my knowledge of teaching has increased over the years, I have become more and more frustrated with some of teaching materials available online. I felt my only solution was to create my own worksheets and animations that incorporated the ideas I had been researching. Another benefit was that as I had designed them, I knew the purpose of every question and what I wanted my pupils to get from the task. This increased my conifdence and I enjoyed delivering all my lessons in the knowledge that they were designed to the best of my ability. Crucially, the result was happy, motivated and successful pupils.

4 Colour Maths is a way for me to share these free resources with others in the hope that they may be useful.

My teaching career began working in inner city schools in Birmingham before making the move down south to Hertfordshire and then to the UAE. My current position is Head of Maths and Year 6 class teacher in a not-for-profit international school.

I live in Dubai with my amazing wife, who is a musician and flute teacher. We share a love of travelling the world, gyming and playing music (I have played the guitar for many years, with some success!).